Your Story Isn’t Over Yet



The first single from 2018’s Brave


A message from Emma Jo:

I lost my dad to suicide in 2017. I wrote this song for him.

In some ways, it’s what I wish I could have said to him before he decided to leave.

But it’s also what I want to say to him now. His story isn’t over, even if his time on this earth is. I will carry his legacy with me wherever I go. He was smart and strong, he was funny, he loved music, and he was always there for me. Nobody who knew him will be forgetting him anytime soon.

This song is also for people like me – survivors of suicide loss. Perhaps a much-needed reminder that our story isn’t over yet, either.

And for anyone out there who’s feeling depressed, or like you may want to harm yourself, please hear me when I say THERE IS MORE TO YOUR STORY. There’s more to come. Things can and will get better. Reach out for help. There are people who love you so, so much. And if you need to, call 1-800-273-8255.

xx Emma Jo


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