The Indigo Sessions



4 kids locked themselves in a room. 10 songs came out.

Following the release of Here it Comes, which had been primarily Emma Jo’s music and lyrics, Emma Jo and the Poets Down Here began to compose music more collaboratively. They locked themselves in their practice room for hours at a time, eventually emerging with an album’s worth of songs.

“Need a defibrillator? Just slap headphones on, hit play and the heart start will start beating. Crank it up and the molecules move on their own. If they don’t, give it up. You’re dead.” -Frank Gutch

These songs are actually the core of what was later re-recorded as Turn it On under a new moniker, 49 Stones.

  • 10 songs
  • Lyrics by Emma Jo, music written collaboratively by the Poets
  • Instant digital download


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