Waiting to be Heard

This is an essential component of any Emma Jo fan’s collection. See where it all began, when Emma Jo was just 15. In fact, the songs on Waiting to be Heard are some of the first she ever wrote.

This is a solo acoustic album, but there is one surprise on the album, an originally unlisted track. Track #10 is a Delta version of the Hurricane Katrina-inspired “The Waters Rise,” featuring Kansas City blues legends Kris & Nick Schnebelen (of Trampled Under Foot).

“Waiting to Be Heard is a brave, bold statement; with just her voice and her guitar, she shows her talent and her potential.” – Chip Withrow

Album facts:

  • “Your Lies” and “A Walk in the Rain” were both reworked for the 2018 Emma Jo album, Brave.
  • Waiting to be Heard was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Steve McBride at Soundgate Studios.
  • The release party for Waiting to be Heard was held on February 26, 2007, at Quality Hill Playhouse in Kansas City, Missouri. The show was partly solo-acoustic, but in the second half, backing was provided by Jem Razz and Brian Ruskin.
  • Lesa Monet, Emma’s artist development coach, provided some backup vocals.
  • “(Johnny) Let Her Go” was resurrected from the metaphorical trash can by Emma’s dad.