Queen of the Silver Lining

Song Lyrics

I was born under a bad sign
And the bad luck’s been clinging to me like a vine
When the rain comes it always pours
Then it flashes and thunders some more
I spent my whole life digging graves
I loved somebody but I gave him away
I make my fortunes get a little nervous
But I’ve got a feeling something good’s about to surface

Don’t wipe my tears away
‘Cause they feel cool upon my face
Don’t let my hard times fool you
And don’t worry ’cause I always pull through
I lost sight of my lucky star
But I’ve still got a rhythm and my old guitar
There’s dark clouds and the river’s rising
But I’m the queen of the silver lining

It’s a hard road I’ve traveled on
Seems I can drive forever and never see the dawn
I live by the headlights
But I’m rolling through the darkest of nights
Roll down my window to feel the wind blow
Through my hair and through the song on the radio
Riding on and paying my dues
But you can come at me with more bad news


And you can bury me low
But I’m like a seed and I’ll rise again and
I will grow, I will grow
And if you break my heart
Then I’ll write you a song and move on