Turn it On

After The Indigo Sessions, Emma Jo & the Poets Down Here became the Poets Down Here. Soon, though, they realized a complete rebranding was necessary to prepare for the change in their sound.

The band became 49 Stones, and their style became more focused.

They spent 10 days in Dallas recording a new album with Bill Westfall. Most of the songs were re-recorded from The Indigo Sessions, but the whole album feels fresh with new energy from a new name.

“Rising above the fray, lead vocalist/guitarist Emma effortlessly shifts from hypnotic near-whispers to face-melting outbursts without losing a note. She unleashes expressive power vocals with big league status. I haven’t heard a female rock vocalist with this much swagger and range since Pat Benatar or the Wilson sisters of Heart. Yep, believe it.” -Pete Dulin

Album facts:

  • Turn it On was the first and only full-length album released by 49 Stones.
  • The release party was held at Aftershock Music Venue in Merriam, KS.

“This straightforward rock has some badass grooves, epic vocals, and attitude backed by talent. No gimmicks.” -Pete Dulin