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  • Queen of the Silver Lining

    Song Lyrics

    I was born under a bad sign
    And the bad luck’s been clinging to me like a vine
    When the rain comes it always pours
    Then it flashes and thunders some more
    I spent my whole life digging graves
    I loved somebody but I gave him away
    I make my fortunes get a little nervous
    But I’ve got a feeling something good’s about to surface

    Don’t wipe my tears away
    ‘Cause they feel cool upon my face
    Don’t let my hard times fool you
    And don’t worry ’cause I always pull through
    I lost sight of my lucky star
    But I’ve still got a rhythm and my old guitar
    There’s dark clouds and the river’s rising
    But I’m the queen of the silver lining

    It’s a hard road I’ve traveled on
    Seems I can drive forever and never see the dawn
    I live by the headlights
    But I’m rolling through the darkest of nights
    Roll down my window to feel the wind blow
    Through my hair and through the song on the radio
    Riding on and paying my dues
    But you can come at me with more bad news


    And you can bury me low
    But I’m like a seed and I’ll rise again and
    I will grow, I will grow
    And if you break my heart
    Then I’ll write you a song and move on


  • Turn it On

    After The Indigo Sessions, Emma Jo & the Poets Down Here became the Poets Down Here. Soon, though, they realized a complete rebranding was necessary to prepare for the change in their sound.

    The band became 49 Stones, and their style became more focused.

    They spent 10 days in Dallas recording a new album with Bill Westfall. Most of the songs were re-recorded from The Indigo Sessions, but the whole album feels fresh with new energy from a new name.

    “Rising above the fray, lead vocalist/guitarist Emma effortlessly shifts from hypnotic near-whispers to face-melting outbursts without losing a note. She unleashes expressive power vocals with big league status. I haven’t heard a female rock vocalist with this much swagger and range since Pat Benatar or the Wilson sisters of Heart. Yep, believe it.” -Pete Dulin

    Album facts:

    • Turn it On was the first and only full-length album released by 49 Stones.
    • The release party was held at Aftershock Music Venue in Merriam, KS.

    “This straightforward rock has some badass grooves, epic vocals, and attitude backed by talent. No gimmicks.” -Pete Dulin

  • The Indigo Sessions

    4 kids locked themselves in a room. 10 songs came out. This is The Indigo Sessions.

    Following the release of Here it Comes, which had been primarily Emma Jo’s music and lyrics, Emma Jo and the Poets Down Here began to compose music more collaboratively. They locked themselves in their practice room for hours at a time, eventually emerging with an album’s worth of songs.

    “Need a defibrillator? Just slap headphones on, hit play and the heart start will start beating. Crank it up and the molecules move on their own. If they don’t, give it up. You’re dead.” – Frank Gutch

    Album facts:

    • The songs on The Indigo Sessions, recorded by Emma Jo and the Poets Down Here, are actually the core of what was later re-recorded as Turn it On under a new moniker, 49 Stones.
    • The Indigo Sessions was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Gary Gray at Moonpie Studios.
    • Emma Jo and the Poets Down Here held their CD release party at In the Light Performing Arts Center in Raymore, Missouri.
    • Artwork for this album was designed by Jay Hunt of River Arno Studios (who was teaching Emma Jo’s graphic design class in college). It reflects the story about the band locking themselves in a room until the songs started pouring out.
  • Here it Comes

    Here it Comes marks the beginning of Emma Jo’s career with her former bandmates and features the first of three names the band used over the years: Emma Jo and the Poets Down Here. (Fun fact: “the poets down here” is a reference to Bruce Springsteen’s song “Jungleland.”)

    At the time of recording, all of the band members were still in their teenage years. Emma called it lyric-driven rock and roll. Every song features her signature hooks that stay in your head for days and the raw excitement of a band still searching for its sound.

    Album facts:

    • The members of the Poets Down Here were Emma Jo, Brett Cox, Garrett Cox, and Kyle Scheel. The lineup never changed, even through two name changes.
    • Emma Jo wrote “Reminiscing” with her mom – it was about the decline of Emma’s grandmother due to dementia.
    • The release party for Here it Comes was held at the Trouser Mouse in Blue Springs, Missouri. Max Jury was the opening act.
    • The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Gary Gray at Moonpie Studios.
    • Album photography was taken by Emma’s sister Sheena in Strasburg, Missouri.
    • “Here it Comes” and “In the End” were reworked for Emma Jo’s 2018 album, Brave.
  • Brave

    Brave is full of old fashioned heartbreak, tempered with an undercurrent of hope and resilience. Pinned with strong hooks and melodies that linger in your head, this album represents Emma Jo’s personal exploration of love, loss, and vulnerability. Written, produced and performed in America’s heartland, this record will be known as the one where Emma Jo found her way back to a truthful and rootsy sound.

    Album facts:

    • Brave is the first solo record by Emma Jo since Waiting to be Heard.
    • The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike West at 9th Ward Pickin’ Parlor.
    • It features new songs, plus several songs that were reworked from previous albums. “Your Lies” and “A Walk in the Rain” were pulled from Waiting to be Heard. “Here it Comes” and “In the End” were remakes from Here it Comes.
    • The release party for Brave was held on April 7, 2018, at Musical Theater Heritage in Kansas City, Missouri.
    • “Your Story isn’t Over Yet” was written in the week following the loss of Emma’s father in 2017.
    • “Forget It” was written by 1960s powerhouse pop crooner John Gary.
  • Waiting to be Heard

    This is an essential component of any Emma Jo fan’s collection. See where it all began, when Emma Jo was just 15. In fact, the songs on Waiting to be Heard are some of the first she ever wrote.

    This is a solo acoustic album, but there is one surprise on the album, an originally unlisted track. Track #10 is a Delta version of the Hurricane Katrina-inspired “The Waters Rise,” featuring Kansas City blues legends Kris & Nick Schnebelen (of Trampled Under Foot).

    “Waiting to Be Heard is a brave, bold statement; with just her voice and her guitar, she shows her talent and her potential.” – Chip Withrow

    Album facts:

    • “Your Lies” and “A Walk in the Rain” were both reworked for the 2018 Emma Jo album, Brave.
    • Waiting to be Heard was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Steve McBride at Soundgate Studios.
    • The release party for Waiting to be Heard was held on February 26, 2007, at Quality Hill Playhouse in Kansas City, Missouri. The show was partly solo-acoustic, but in the second half, backing was provided by Jem Razz and Brian Ruskin.
    • Lesa Monet, Emma’s artist development coach, provided some backup vocals.
    • “(Johnny) Let Her Go” was resurrected from the metaphorical trash can by Emma’s dad.