Here it Comes

Emma Jo & the Poets Down Here

AboutHere it Comes

Here it Comes marks the beginning of Emma Jo’s career with her former bandmates and features the first of three names the band used over the years: Emma Jo and the Poets Down Here. (Fun fact: “the poets down here” is a reference to Bruce Springsteen’s song “Jungleland.”)

At the time of recording, all of the band members were still in their teenage years. Emma called it lyric-driven rock and roll. Every song features her signature hooks that stay in your head for days and the raw excitement of a band still searching for its sound.


  • The members of the Poets Down Here were Emma Jo, Brett Cox, Garrett Cox, and Kyle Scheel. The lineup never changed, even through two name changes.
  • Emma Jo wrote “Reminiscing” with her mom – it was about the decline of Emma’s grandmother due to dementia.
  • The release party for Here it Comes was held at the Trouser Mouse in Blue Springs, Missouri. Max Jury was the opening act.
  • The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Gary Gray at Moonpie Studios.
  • Album photography was taken by Emma’s sister Sheena in Strasburg, Missouri.
  • “Here it Comes” and “In the End” were reworked for Emma Jo’s 2018 album, Brave.
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